Capo Makeover

Nice! The first word that comes to mind seeing that is “VOOOM”


Crank envy…

What is going on with the seatpost, does it have a bend in it? Deliberately I hope?

Thompson make a setback version of their seatpost which is what you are looking at.

It’s a Thomson layback post - Thomson uses a clamp that is CNC’d inline with the post itself, so the way they get a layback clamp is to bend the post.

Yep it is.

Setback Thomson SP, tilted at 7º

John, did u saw the bikes condition that day when u left a note on it? Bloods still on the damn lock :stuck_out_tongue:

The best one.

I missed that part… what happened?

Yo anyone know how much do the capo goes for? My friend wants one of those.

RRP about $1600.


I want that chain ring, can’t find one anywhere in Sydney! 46tx130mm by chance??? Go nicely on the Specialized with the ‘got any blacker’ Sugino cranks :sunglasses:

People are gonna starting thinking I get paid by John, but anyways…

Send john and email at he’ll cut you a 46x130 no probs. Also does them in black if you want.

(this has not been a paid presentation :p)

North Side Avanti sells them for 90 bucks or more each i think. That was like 8 months ago since i been there.

Thanks peoples. Yeah North Side said they could ‘possibly’ get one, but they werent’ sure how long it would take.

Might take the option of the (non paid) presentation, and get in touch with John.


Sorry boys, call me a grumpy , pretentious, fat, old steel snob if you like but i just don’t see the art in this one.

"QS2 lever?

The best one."

IMO original quickstops are the best levers ever invented, and would take the “fixie” world by storm if there were more than (seemingly) a couple of hundred pairs spread across the planet… i was in an armwrestle with a guy on US ebay for a pair but bombed out at $70… if ANYONE sees a pair of them, and doesnt fall in love, please let me know. in hindsight I shoulda gone waaaaaay higher on that auction.

heres a pair in action… if you can spot em :slight_smile: