I bought this frame during the week and built it up yesterday with parts from another bike. No cable stops and bottle mounts only on the seat tube are stupid features, but otherwise it’s a great bike. I’m yet to ride a Cannondale I don’t like.


  • 2010 Capo frame with a CAAD9 Slice Ultra road fork.
  • Thomson stem
  • Look carbon seatpost
  • Fizik Arione saddle
  • White Industries hubs & freewheel, 32H CXP33 rims, semi aero spokes, built with love and care by Dan
  • Chorus cranks
  • Rival brake levers (well…10 speed shifters with the shifter blades removed)
  • Rival calipers (Thanks Laura!)

It came with a Kinesis fork but that has slightly less steerer and slightly less tyre clearance. But at 380g it weighs half the CAAD9 fork so I’ll probably swap them around again. Sugarkane understands.

Crap phone pics only at the moment. It weighs in at 7.9kg.

And some old blood on the lever from the last time I rode with Nikcee.

yeah i dig this! wouldn’t mind it as a bomb commuter. to go with my Cdale roadie+mtb

needs some gears, otherwise good.

Gonna be hard to do that on a Capo frame. I like it.

And the blood thing? Gotta be done…I don’t think I’ve ever built up a bike without shedding blood on it somewhere in the process. Guess you could say there’s a little bit of my DNA in every one of my bikes.

And unnecessary.

That’s what this one is for :slight_smile:

I dig it.


I’ll bring the Cannondale Rack over for Roobaix.

Nice built snowflake, currently pretty much doing the same setup to my IF, was that your roadie getting a service at shifter the other day?

No that wasn’t mine. But thanks for reminding me. I need to see a man about some wheels :slight_smile:

Is that blood on the brake lever?


Carry on then.

Sweet build. I wanna know how little it weighs, and dont tell me you havent weighed it! :slight_smile:
Pity about the mavic rims- i hear they’re not wide and cool enough.

Very businesslike. I like it.

Those tyres look pretty chunky. 25s? 28s?

Nice description :slight_smile: It’s built for reliably racking up kms, not being a showpiece. 70kms since yesterday so far and it’s working well.

They’re 23mm tyres at the moment but only because that’s what I had lying around. I’m hoping I can squeeze a 28 into that fork. If not, I’ll either swap the fork or go with 25s.

I’m not wide and cool enough either so Open Pros are just fine for me.

It’s all there in front of you Horatio.

Horatio can’t read, you know that!

nice one dude, I’m going to be putting my CAAD9 together much like this for winter commuting.

very nice man

Nice! Did you buy this on ebay? If its same seller he was selling a cheap jamis track frame as well!

What gearing are you running?

Yeah that’s him. He had a couple of Phil wheelsets too I think. Very nice guy.

44:17 for me. Although it feels a bit undergeared, maybe because it’s got 23mm tyres and I’m used to the same ratio on 35mm tyres.