Captain Planet Alleycat!

After the fun that was the Commuter Cup, Dead Legs Spider and myself have decided to hold another alleycat.

It is going to be Captain Planet themed. We don’t know anyone who doesn’t like Captain P so this alleycat is going to revolve around the five elements or rings. Checkpoints will relate to fire, wind, water, earth and I guess we will have to include heart.

8th September @ 4PM.
Meet at Edinburgh Gardens anytime after 3PM near the rotunda.
$5 registration to cover beers.

1st - 3rd Fixed
1st Road
1st CX
1st BMX
1st Girl
Best Dressed
DFL or Dylan (is always) Fucking Last

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We hope to see everyone down there regardless of your skill or how long your beard has grown, but for now here is Don Cheadle dress as Captain Planet.

Sounds bent

Edit; I’ll be there though

I am only DFL on the times when I finish. Came 7th or some shit in one of the courier cup races, but that was cos I got lost, sat down at a checkpoint with some cool stoner kids, drank a beer, then followed Tai and KO to the finish and nobody checked if I’d been to any checkpoints.

But this sounds fucking rad dudes.

I will consider making an appearance…

Kit told me to get on FOA and say I can’t wait to race. So yeah I can’t wait. I’ll challenge you for DFL Dylan!

good theme.

Yeah - that kid with the ‘Heart’ power was always rubbish. Unless some wild animal needed calming down, he pretty much kicked back at CP headquarters and let the other kids kick arse.

Before the race you should do the ‘we’re the planeteers, you can be one too’ chant


the fucks an alleycat?

Too beardo, Jimmy?

Nah, I’ve just forgotten what it was like to flog yourself for an hour in tight jeans. No wicking at all.

you obviously arent dancing hard enough at crown on your regular visits then…

I will beat Mat Gray. You hear that Mat Gray? beat you. with no training.

Nice smack talk already. If I wasn’t organising the event I would beat you all!


That’s not ‘smack talk’. that’s just facts’n shit.

I would almost cancel my overseas bike trip for this.


prizes for best superhero costume!

that’s right peps shit just got real!!

I’ma beat all of you.