Car doored

I got the door prize a few years ago on Smith street one night after being abused for riding on the footpath(slowly, looking for a pole to lock to as my usual pole was taken). It came from out of nowhere(actually on my right), as a girl was getting out of a car to go to some shitty club.
I got winded pretty badly, and also smashed my knee on the door. Bent frame, fork, and brand new Nitto drop bars. I remember thinking: I’ve punctured a lung, must abuse, and so this is what it feels like, all at the same time.

The driver was really helpful and drove me to St Vincents and sat with me for a while til
a friend showed up. Their insurance company was no help at all, and after a month of trying to get a satisfactory result, I ended up with $450 and my old bike for parts. RACV can suck it. As can the people who looked after my bike for the night and added some spoke cards they made out of rubbish, then had a go about the fact my bike had no brakes.

I narrowly avoided being doored this morning by some absolute fuckslap who thought it would be funny to floor it past me, weave in and out of the bike lane, in to a parking space, then practically kick his door open. One of these days I’m going to reach in, grab their keys, go “No car for you, come back 1 year” then ride off.



that is pretty funny

It’s funny until they decide to set them on fire (O_o) :lol: burn mofo burn