Carbon CX forks for Mini Vs?

Hey Folks,

Looking at getting a set of full carbon forks for my new cross bike. Would love a set of ENVE forks (rode them on Slinky’s old cross bike) but they cray exxy … so I have been looking at getting either the Easton EC90 X or the Ritchey WCS UD cross fork.

They both have an A-C of 395mm and an 45mm rake. The only difference that I can see is that Ritchey is 40g lighter and has a conventional compression plug, while the Easton has a proprietary screw-in plug… and the Easton has guard mounts that I probably won’t use anyway.

Anyone have experience with either or both? (paging Blakey)

I have the eastons on my bike, very light and comfy but a bit flexy and no way of mounting a fork crown hangar so most canti’s get the death shudder.

I run the eastons with trp mini-v’s and they are good, the pads almost clear the fork legs when opening so no issue getting wheels in/out.

brake style isn’t a concern, except in the case of my dumb alpha q fork and its bulge that necessitated mucho filing on the 926ALs (TRP less of an issue due to slot offset).

Get the closest matching A-C and offset as stock, and beyond that, it’s looks/price/weight/features.

Of those two, I’d probably choose EC90 over Ritchey, IME ritchey wcs can also be juddery.

Thanks for the prompt replies fellas. Looks like Eastons it is. :cool:

Ritchey has serious shudder on canti’s and I don’t know many happy with them.

I’ve got an EC90X with mini Vs and i like it.

Others have told me they’re flexy but i think it’s a good fork.

Ive got a Koga Miyata one that were on clearance on CRC yonks ago.

No probs with mini vs, no shudder etc.