carbon fibre reaches its logical conclusion

Bill and Ted: “Excellent!” o/ o/

It must sound like shit.

Guitar companies already did that in the 80’s. They also tried making guitar necks out of aluminium and plastic.

Not sure about guitars but all the carbon graphite/fibre neck basses I’ve played before sounded great (Zon, Modulus and Status). I also remember when John Entwistle (The Who) started using a full CF Buzzard bass made by Status Graphite … Brilliant sounding bass … much better sound then when he was using his signature bass made by Warwick.


Maybe bass is differnet Des? All the synthetic guitars I’ve heard have been overdriven. I’m assuming there’s a reason why the people who play them don’t want to hear their clean tone.

Anyway, they can’t possibly be better than mahogany and birdseye can they? :wink:

Nick although I see you have named two particularly decent woods that start with the letter ‘M’, I do feel you have neglected to include another all-time great of the that field. Once thought of as the poor cousin to other great woods, MDF is making quite a come-back of sorts what with the new technologies being developed recently and the use of far superior glues and bonding materials.
As you can see I am quite a staunch advocate of MDF, and hope that you too will one day grow to appreciate the benefits of this once maligned material.

Many thanks

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Can you get bookmatched flame MDF?

And what is “MDF”?

evil stuff…

Travis Bean made Alauminum neck guiaras back in the 70’s, as did Kramer and Vaccaro. Travis Bean’s are extremely sought after in a certain circles. Aluminium necks provide a different tone than wood and can have a much longer sustain. Electrical Guitar Company (ECG) make all aluminium guiatrs and basses. They’re pretty amazing. Check it: Electrical Guitar Company (electricalguitarcompany) on Myspace Also, a list of all manufacturers of “metal” neck guitars can be found at

I’m a nerd when it comes to this shit.

Unnecessary. MDF has a beauty all it’s own.

Is that in reference to it being carcinogenic even just when touching it?

Pfft… MDF doesn’t come close to matching the tone and sustain of Marine Ply.

There’s ALMOST as much wankery about guitar parts as there is bike parts! :evil:

if only campag made pickups :wink: