Carbon monoxide from city riding? (Video)

Is cycling in the city doing more harm than good?

Old video, buy worth a watch (if repost, i dont care).

Compares the carbon monoxide levels in the blood from various samples of riders (roadies, the media whore, courier).


For most cyclists, the benefits from regular exercise from bike riding far outweigh the risk from pollution. Cyclists should use bike paths where possible and avoid cycling directly behind motor vehicles. Studies have shown that at just 10m away from traffic, pollution levels drop by 90 percent.

And the good news is, even if the carbon monoxide levels do increase slightly after a ride, the elevated levels will only stay around for about five hours, but the health benefits of cycling will last for a lot longer!

so keep riding!

i really enjoyed watching that

so the moral of the story is, cars still suck dicks?

Nah, the moral of the story is to not slipstream a motor vehicle while riding your bicycle.

so no more motorpacing on the commute?


i think it is actually the opposite… the courier only had 1/4 of the levels deemed to be dangerous. But i would say all the other air born particles would fuck you up

To tell you the truth, I didnt even read/watch the link, I just saw the chance of the thread going downhill and I didn’t want it to turn into another ‘cars are coffins’ thread and get locked prematurely.

That’s how I ran up the arse of a Commodore in Punt Rd once.