carbon spoked wheelset

This just seems like a recipe for faceplants to me
Buy Zipp 2001 Full Carbon Road Bike, Other, Triathlon / Time Trial Bike for Sale in Watsons Bay, NSW

He’s asking a bloody premium for it but if i was a wel lcashed up i’d be flying down to pick it up tomorrow. They probably ride like shit but there isn’t too many bikes out there that look cooler that a Zipp. mmmm

zipp 3001, corima carbon cougar and the old aus team spec super roo so cool.
Damn redic price though.

The last one I saw went for 900 on the bay, it was in qld, with tubs.

Somehow i managed to post up the complete wrong link, surprised noone picked me up on it
Campagnolo Record Wheelset * carbon spokes * Ukai rims | eBay

Haha. Can’t imagine those spokes saving much weight and at 920g for the front it’s hardly weight weenie. Pretty dam cool but i’d prefer the ZIPPPPPPPP

So would I, with a set of these