Carbon Track Crankset?

Can anyone recommend something that they’ve got some experience with?


Already looked here

whats your budget?

Get one of these

Zipp - Speed Weaponry | Cranks | VumaChrono

Don’t put a modern carbon crankset on a vintage carbon vitus!

True, an explosive ancient frame needs an equally failworthy crank.

Bugger! Sprung!!

No complaints with my FSA crankset

FSA? Full Speed Ahead?

A bike like this needs something like PMP “z” cranks

PMP Track Pista 165mm Cranks - NOS - Rare - Vintage | eBay

I totally dig these

that’s the ticket. just like a carbon tubed vitus, they look cool, but not altogether practical…

My vote is for some dynadrive cranks…


Couldn’t find a track pic quickly on GIS, only having type of pedals and an obsolete spindle diameter might also be annoying.

Its a Vitus,
I have two sets of stronglight 165 pista’s and french pedals.
I also have a nice Milremo stem and cinelli alloy bars.
Ill do you a good deal.

U should try find a set of these, mavic track:cool:

PM’d…I’ll take the lot!

Aren’t you glad you didn’t tap them out :wink:

Oh that’s right…the pedals and crank holes are a different size aren’t they.

His have French threading, but he has pedals to suit.

You can tap them to English if you must.

Do they look like these Dayne?