Carnegie Velodrome

Last week I found out that there was an outdoor velo just near home. So off I choofed on Sunday to have a look.

To be honest I was expecting something pretty shit but when I got there it was OK.

Went for a spin.

I found street and track very different - It is time to get a smaller cog as I was spinning like a chimp and not going as fast as the track would allow…

Some pics:

Does anybody else ride there?

Where abouts is it?

Haven’t had the pleasure yet. Only crusied around darebin ( and Blackburn (outdoor). On a windy day you can be S.T.rugglin on one straight and haulling ass the other.

Try riding up high on the banks and cutting down just after the corner begins… Now that will spin ya cranks out. (its good for jumping folk who dont like to work.)

I’ve ridden there a couple of times and thought that the surface was pretty good, (I also had a chat to some of the CCCC (local bike club) boy’s who were racing there one sunday, they were pretty friendly)

I’m planning to get over there again soon, to play with my gear ratio’s, I want to see how big a gear my little legs will push before going to DISC for a bit of a blast on the 25th. (see Track attack topic in meet’s)

I don’t think I’ve ridden that one, the surface looks x10 nicer than anything I’ve been on.

I’m seconding lats’: where is it?

Yes i ride there. It’s called “Paker Park”. About 2 k’s from my house. the bank is very shallow, but the surface is oh so sweet. Carnegie Cycling club do a summer series there. VIS trackies train there as well.


So CraigC you admit it, you train there as well as part of your VIS sponsorship…man, you’ve changed since I left melb.

When you say “train” you must mean me standing in my brown trench coat near the kiddies play equipment and offering anyone one to the “do you want to see my impersonation of an elephant?” show. Or can you get the lolly off the head of the snake game.

Oh yeah it sucks when your coat gets stuck in the front chainring and you’re left starkers. But thats just me.


Yeah, we always thought the same…