Carpenters / Tradies - tool help

FOA, need some advice in picking up a table saw and drop saw.

Basically gonna lay some bamboo flooring so need the saws to cut

Now i really dont see myself using it for anything else, so im thinking use for the job, then probably sell it.

Obviously dont need anything high end, but hoping some of you guys can advise on which brands to stay away from? or maybe certain brands for better resale?

inital thoughts was just to grab the cheapo ozito ones from bunnos, i figured its cheap enough that if it broke i wouldnt be out of pocket too much

Some im considering.

The cheapo

Ozito 1500W 250mm Table Saw I/N 6290283 | Bunnings Warehouse

or spend a little more?

Ryobi 1500W 254mm Corded Table Saw I/N 6210390 | Bunnings Warehouse

Makita MLT100 - Table saw 255mm

hit up user ev on instagram. he’s @sankhara_co and loves tools, and is a chippy.

edit: and lorday works at bunnings, might be able to advise.

When laying our floating floors I borrowed a drop saw from my Sisters chippy bf.

Was a Makita, I think 350mm blade? Was about 15 hunge retail at bunnings… anyway, it was a godsend. I would have kept it if I could!

I would try and borrow something decent, shit tools are just that. Makita, festool et al, better precision, cut and reliability (and probably safety) - things like laser guides and good integrated clamps are worth the extra moneys.

What about just hiring one from Kennards?

Yep just hire it

+3 hire a good one for $notmuch. weekend rates are same as day rates. prolly cost a carton.

I just borrow all my power tools from mates :smiley:

if you were in melbourne, i’d recommend Brunswick Tool Library, Inc

As the other guys say there’s a massive gulf between good tools and shit tools. If hiring is an option then do that.

If not, I wouldn’t even bother going to Bunnings - they pretty much only stock DIY rubbish. Go to a specialist tool shop and buy Makita or Dewalt - they’re the two major mid-range brands. Nothing amazing but they do the job well enough and will last. Tools aren’t cheap tho’, last time I looked a Dewalt site saw cost close to a grand with the base.

If you want something to use then flip it try gumtree. Heaps of quality used tools on there