Carrera Conversion

New commuter build - will upgrade cranks/wheelset/everything over time.

Carrera Road frame all the way from Italy (top tube has a ding in it but nothing too serious) :

Columbus tubes?

Trying to work that out. No Columbus decals but it seems like good steel and I know carrera / podium used Columbus (and didnt put decals on) so I am guessing so. If anyone has any info I would be interested to find out more.

Risers on this? Nice frame

I know I know - but for context I have almost always ridden drops and am keen to try risers for the commute. Still have the drops ready to go. And to be honest I will probably gear this eventually with a 600 group and will put them on it then.

It’s a sweet frame regardless.

Cheers - for those playing at home -

2nd sweet carrera i’ve seen in 2 days…