Casati Track.

IMG_2152 by wolfgland, on Flickr
shitty decals…
not even a casati. .
all, i know is its a lugged chro mo track frame though…
would love to know the history…
no defining marks or features though…

Nice Bike!
nice clearances:) post up some closer photos of the lugs, I am sure someone can help?

Inb4 “it’s a McBain”

Have a look if the drop-outs are stamped as well, and is that a double fork crown I see?

Oh yeah, nice bike mate!

saw you riding that down Elizabeth St past the Arthouse the other week whilst I was at the Queensberry St lights on my roadie, looked sweet.

thanks guys.
i checked the drop outs, couldnt see much…
maybe these pics might help?

lug1 by wolfgland, on Flickr

lug by wolfgland, on Flickr

havent really got any lug photos. .
thats something i should probably do…
thanks fellas…

Saddle angle’s a bit dicky. Finding the Brooks hard to get used to?
I had one, big fancy black one, couldn’t get it right unless I tipped it back. Turns out the back end of it just wouldn’t fit my legs. I need narrow saddles!
Seriously though, that’s the only thing bugging me bout this bike. I don’t care what it is, I just like it for what it is. If you don’t like not knowing what it is, strip it, get it painted however you please, and write your own name on the side.


yh the fork crown’s pretty tidy, kinda looks like a facemask
overall the saddle clashes with the colour of the frame and rims too much though imo

Your bike looks awesome. Don’t strip it.

Yeah. I’ve had the saddle for a long time.
And it’s looking awkward cause the seat post is is a bit fucked, and i can’t adjust the saddle.
Never really liked the Brooks anyway to be honest.
It just never really got comfortable.

Davis Components (UK) fork crown … used by quite a few builders in Oz from the early 60’s to mid 70’s.

My Whitehorn track has that EXACT fork crown.

Looks like Prugnat lugs (French) too, also common amongst Aus bikes. In fact, I’ve owned two frames with the exact same combo.

never would’ve guessed that… :wink:

So does mine but I don’t think it’s a Whitehorn.

that looks exactly like my frame. do you have any numbers on your bb? or stamped on the fork steerer?

yes… 11 on BB but I can’t remember on fork steerer.

More pics to help you
seat tube diameter = 27.2
BB stamping reads ‘Davis Components’ (stamped horizontally), 62 63 (stamped vertically on one side) and 00 (stamped vertically on other side)

seat tube diameter = 27.2
BB stamping reads ‘Davis Components’ (stamped horizontally), 62 63 (stamped vertically on one side) and 00 (stamped vertically on other side)

thats definitely a mendoza

ive seen a few mendozas in my time and i can tell by the lugs

I think we both have the same Aaron.

Except I think mine has a different bb shell. Mine has Champion stamped on it. Was your Mendoza comment aimed at the ops’ casati?