Casati TT

This is gorgeous! Anyone know what’s with the extra braces on the BB?Casati lo pro timetrial Columbus SLX road bike frame telaio cadre Rahmen NOS | eBay

Nice but the exit point of the tt internal routing is weird,
im guessing the post is meant to sit above it but i would have thought above the lug is to weak.
May be you have to drill the post?

Slotted/drilled post shouldn’t be a prob. Would be a perfect brake line for something like a C Record delta :wink:

This frame is wild, those buttress/gusset things on the BB are crazy but pretty cool looking. Lotsa funk on this frame and for sure not many like it.


There is some shamal 700/650 combos on eBay now in aus,
Or go all out and buy the 650 disc front that’s on eBay.

650 and 700c aerospokes im selling on ebay would go a treat!

What size bike would someone typically ride who could also ride this?

It’s super pushing all my buttons

Oh nose Tmasz :frowning:

I think general rule of thumb is,
If you ride a 54 you would ride a 56 in a lo pro.
Correct me if I’m wrong people.