Caulfield Monash - Melb - Stolen Thompson Seatpost+Saddle

Thompson Elite inline seatpost (silver)
San Marco Concor (white)

Went to a tutorial for 2hrs. some jerk pull the whole thing out and got away.
Parked at Monash Caulfield, just in front of the security office (beside the restaurant if you know).
18:00 - 20:00

not my first time actually. last time was my helmet. (being an idiot didnt lock it up)

the red circle indicates scratches there

noticed there are a lot more nice bikes around in caulfield these days.
if u park ur bike there as well. try to be more alert.

If you have got any info. about my parts, please contact me via pm or 0400547850

Really sorry to hear that you’ve had these knicked mate. That sucks… But unless you hear from someone who witnessed them being removed from the bike, you be serious in expecting someone to dob someone in just cause they have a concor with marks on the back. Its a common saddle and the most common place to have scuff marks on it; and a Thomson seatpost is not that rare either.

Just saying.

Hey mods, can we make these threads like the for sale section, and take out the comment option?

Seems all they invite are comments sayin “I’ll keep my eye out” or one’s like dice’s above that must be super awesome for the person that’s had somethin nicked.

My 2c

Actually I think I agree. :o

I know what you’re saying/getting at, but I don’t think It’s necessary to say it. Whoever’s just had their shit stolen is going to be painfully aware of their mistake.

Have a look through the stolen bike sub forum and the majority of posts are either “that sux”, “I’ll keep an eye out” or “maybe next time don’t do this…”.

I don’t see that as overly helpful.

The sad truth is that most of the time people posting here do so knowing their possessions are long gone and posting here allows them to get the word out/be pro active. Having someone tell them how to avoid it happening after the fact is like salt in the wound.

Please don’t think my post is aimed at you personally, its something I’ve noticed on a number of occasions.

I think I have a point also

Comments noted, thanks guys.