Cav needs a new leadout man

Rupert Guinness has an article titled ‘Cavendish blames lead-out man after another crash-marred finish in Giro d’Italia’ in this morning’s SMH (see Cavendish blames lead-out man after another crash-marred finish in Giro d’Italia ).

It appears that Cavendish is unhappy about Geraint Thomas’ performance as his leadout man. Thomas slipped up on the final corner of stage 11 of the Giro while he was in front of Cav, and became an obstruction rather than a leadout. This also caused several riders to crash - so things could have been worse for Cav. Cavendish is quoted as saying “I’m a little disappointed with Geraint. He wasn’t careful. I let him know right after the finish”. I’m fairly sure that wouldn’t have been a pleasant conversation for Thomas.

What Cav really needs is a leadout man who’s ready to go out there and headbut the opposition for him.

Of course, Mark Renshaw and Cavendish are now on different teams (Rabobank and Sky). But, even if they were still working together, Renshaw faded so badly at the end of stage 11 that he couldn’t have been there to leadout Cav for the sprint anyway.

gene has already sent in his CV.

got a call back already, they were asking about you bailey but i told them you wouldn’t be ready till next season

me and geraint are totally mates. i wouldn’t do that to him.

How will BSC/Commuter/TDR/St Cloud/Proud Marys/Veneziano/Cycling Express feel about you riding for SKY? I hope you have a good lawyer… :stuck_out_tongue:

HellKrew will require a hefty transfer fee…

I’d like to see Renshaw v Cavendish, with a good headbutt in there for old time’s sakes.