cavendish at the TDU

cav v farrar v greipel (with allan davis thrown in for good measure)? oh man, the TDU this year is going to be hot.

Cavendish Coming To Tour Down Under |

anyone contemplating a road trip to watch some?


you will hear more about this.

Surely worth road tripping to see Cav go head-to-head against Greipel for the first time.

Planning on being there, @mckenny how many of those focker-chias do you think we could find between here and Radelaide?

Oh man this summer is gonna be good.

i will pump suspension to see this.

interest added.

The timing is terrible for me, but I may be able to swing it. I will pack hose clamps to see this.

I’m putting in the hard yards now for the trip. It’s going to be a cracker. mind you i might only see one stage :slight_smile:

focker-chias and expressos!

Let’s just see whos laughing next time you need to drop your kids at Caulfield grammar soccer practice.