C'dale tourer 80's

Cannondale Touring Bike, Great Condition | eBay

The exact dimensions I look for in a frame, this is very tempting.

Not just any Cannondale- 1983 vintage!

Veyr nice parts and set up. Worth buying just for that and selling the frame on if it’s not your size.

Good bike, great seller.

I wish I had seen this before I had started buying parts for my tourer/rando/whatever bike… Maybe I do need two sets of Sugino ATs.

Yeah, the collection he’s sold off for his friends wife was awesome. I had some pics from the catalogue he put together. Nice guy too.

He’s a very articulate gentleman if you read the ad. Very clever indeed.

I still have the original PDFs circa 2007 in my gmail account.

I bought some XT cranks, hub, XC Pro cranks, and the Travesty from him. And he’s a Rawland owner.