Cell Cileto *shock horror*

Gday fixed freaks new forum member here, thought Id share my latest bike. After arriving back in Oz with nothing but a backpack to a city I have never been where I have no worldly possessions I decided I needed a bike fast, and one delivered to my house. I only had my macbeths and a bus pass to get around. This is my first ever OTP bike. Have always built them up but that was just gonna be too hard this time.

Pics below is as delivered with stickers removed and maxxis refuses fitted.

Good points are sugino messenger cranks and bb, decent looking and rolling sealed hubs, sweet looking seat post, bars, stem and lever, 4130 lugged frame with fancy dropouts, fake brooks swallow looks the biz is adjustable and comfy, std pedals are sealed wellgo track with double eyelet cages and double leather straps, kmc chain and it rides good.

Bad points are std tyres have durex like puncture resistance, the rim tape is shit and will give you endless pinch flats, The paint may prove to be not so durable, the brake is a bit cheap, it comes with 46-16 gearing, the bb shell has integral cable routing, I remain skeptical of the saddles rivets to remain rust free in the rain and it had a couple of scratches and a small dent in the seat tube.

Overall though Im happy with it.

Looks good! Rate this bike and rate the price too! Changing the wheelset over time wouldn’t hurt, but 100,000,000x better than my shit conversion!

What’s so bad about 46/16?

Get those tyre labels lined up with the valves, move the saddle back a smidge, and I’m a fan.

Seen worse otp’s. I like this though.

ive always been a fan of the cileto, have always thought they are one of the best looking and best bang for buck bikes off the shelf.

Nice =D

Lazy angles make it look like a conversion, except with tacked on Fork ends.Wheels are stars/quandos too.

if they are sealed bearings then they shouldnt be TOO bad… as long as that lockring is done up tighter than a nuns…

Looks cruisy.
Not a huge fan of the bars and saddle, but that’s a personal taste thing.

i think they use better hubs on the cileto, but same heavy rims

46/16? Slow acceleration, hills and wind. I rode 48/19 for 2 years and I reckon its a great ratio. I dont mind having to spin a bit now and then. Saddle is there because the stem is maybe an inch too long for me.

The geo is definitely more road than track and no toe overlap.

They run smooth as butter mate, and the track nuts are good quality. They look sweet and may well be quandos. The rims are admittedly a bit budget but whatever, if I bingle one then Ill replace it with something more proper. Seen an apollo single speed in a bike shop today with the same rims.

Lock ring seen to already :wink:

yeah i ran em on my first bike, and i never broke them lol they now reside on my girlfriends bike on the ‘flop’ lol no lockring drama then! they’d probably polish up real nice!

Uh, Uh, same old quando’s.

customer reviews

FRAME Lugged Double Butted 4130 Chromoly
FORK 1-inch Threaded Lugged Chromoly
HEADSET 1-inch Alloy Sealed Bearing
STEM Cold Forged Pazzaz Track Stem
HANDLEBAR Double butted, 6061 Alloy Track Pazzaz
TAPE Soft, Leather Look
CRANKSET Sugino Messenger 165mm
CHAINRING Sugino Messenger 46t (1/8)
BB SET Sugino CBB-103
CHAIN KMC 410 1/2x1/8 (96links)
PEDALS Wellgo Alloy Track(With S/S Toe-Clips & Double Leather Straps)
COG 16t Fixed Sprocket w/ Lockring
SADDLE Leather Racing Saddle w/ Rivets
SEAT POST Alloy Micro Adjust, 27.2mm Pazzaz Alloy Track, 300mm
F/HUB QUANDO Hi-Flange Cartridge 32H
R/HUB QUANDO Hi-Flange Double-Threaded Hi-Flange Cartridge Flip-Flop Fixed/Free

RIMS Alloy Track 43mm Deep Silver 32 spoke
TIRE Maxxis 700x23c
SPOKES 14G Silver
Please note Specifications may change without notice

I take it there has been some issues with quando hubs and lockrings then?

They’re pretty shit . They’ll either be ok for a while and then fail badly all in 1 hit, or they’ll slowly fall apart across an age.

Hey hoonz:

I might be getting the cileto, partly because of your positive post :slight_smile: One question is nagging me though - could you tell me what’s the tire/tyre clearance on this bike? Do you think it could fit 28c or better yet 30/32c tyres?

I’m kinda tired of pretending track tyres are fit for roads.

My first fixed wheel was a cheapy with a Quando hub, built by Shifterbikes. I still ride it and have never had a problem with it. Sure it’s cheap, but if you set it up right and look after it, it’ll look after you.

I have a vigorelli that fits 28’s, and even squeeze a 32 on the back but not the front.
I’m sure the clearances are more relaxed on the cell.

28’s should fit ok but 32’s might not be so good. The brake bridge is fairly tight to the tyre. You would have to give it a little more chain to pull the wheel further out in the rear fork ends. Clearance everywhere else would be ok I would think. I’m loving my 23’s at the moment - the roads are just so smooth here on the GC when compared to London.

Some gripes with the Cileto are that it has no bottle cage mounts, no other handy braze ons and the handle bars need to be changed due to their shape. I’ve had to fit a bottle cage using SS hose clamps and some old inner tube to protect the paint. It actually doesn’t look as bad as it sounds but of course shouldn’t really be needed. Sure, the Cileto looks nice and rides well and so far has been good to me but something tells me the fuji track is probably the better bike.