Cell Mallet

My Girls ride

Single speed setup, but maybe fixed one day
Soma risers
White Ourys
MKS Sylvans
Fyxation Session 700 tyres

Those Tyres transform the bike, nice

The white and orange look sick together

The white wheelset Goose is selling would look shit hot on this.

It would MB, but don’t tell her cos she cant afford it and neither can I!

this bike lacks pretension.

Her choice Brendan, not mine.

it was a compliment.


Looks sweet.

The colours work really well.


With a little custom’ising, that Mallet sure looks a whole lot better than when it was in the shop. Good stuff.

You’re all nongs.

“I’d hit it.”

… it’s a Mallet … geddit

I had the same one…but your look betta than mine…?? :frowning: