Cell sizes

I know this might be getting annoying with all my post’s but i want a cell gonna order this one:

Australia’s HOTTEST Fixie is BACK and Only $199!

the green is sick aint it !..

but what size fits me? i heard that all fix bikes are different sizes depending on which manufacturer you buy from so how am i gonna know what size right for me??

and i dunno if anybody else noticed this but on that website the photo of each coloured fixie looks like a different bike as the cranks on the green one say magic on them and on the other bikes they’re clean… also the black one has more clamps on the frame to hold the cables down… is that just me being paranoid or are they different bikes?

if you have decided to buy the cell, please email cell directly to ask these questions, they are the best people to advise you of sizing/cranks etc.

report back with their reply if it seems strange or you’re sceptical about something, but otherwise, relaaaaaaaaxxx.

How are we meant to know which size fits you? We know nothing about you.

this is amaze.