cell wheel set ??

i noticed cell had fixed gear bicycle wheels for $100 each end has any one used or heard anything about them??

g’day mate,

would you want to PM me with any specific questions?

or probably you’re looking for feedback not from a cell employee i take it.

anyway, if there’s anything i can help you with, just pm me.


i guess your answer there was a resounding yes.

They look like those shoddy stars rims(search on here), not sure if they are quando hubs.

ive just bought a set of these http://www.velogear.com.au/products/Singlespeed_Wheelset-979-121.html

gave a pair away as a prize in a brisbane alleycat and they looked ok for the price, in my opinion 15x better than the stars…

Unless Mark from CELL can gives any objections otherwise (or some information on here regarding the brand of the rim/hub)… I’d say the Velogear wheelset for 160 delivered, which include novotec hubs and kinlin rims, seem like a cheaper and higher quality option.

Mine arrived today and they look good to the eye.

i decided to stop being a stingy bitch and if im going to build another fixie spend some money on it
thanks all

They do look a lot like the stars rims

they have the same sticker on the rims as the stars sets so i conclude they are stars.

different hub than stars maybe?

i think they have the same stickers and the hubs look the same without flip flop.

I have the Cell 700c set (sticker on rim said Arrow). Have riden them for about a year and seem to be Ok. Hard to beat price. Silver nipples on black rim is abit anoying.