Center stand bracket... WTF

WTF is this ??? some sort of joke?

Fixed gear single speed frame and fork Gloss Black | eBay

$500 for a Cro Mo frame(albeit lugged), that has a brazed on center stand mount.
Or are center stands about to become the next potato, and this guys ahead of the curve?

How naff is that?

yeah saw that and thought it looked odd. the price is also ridiculous. the toyo site has nice frames though

Totes naff, lol.
What the hell is NAFF?

British slang, today meaning uncool, tacky, unfashionable, worthless… or as a softer expletive, in places where one might use “fuck” as in "naff

The things I learn from this forum…

yeah stick with Aussie slang eh Bruce?

I know what you mean Bruce.
Also, my boss narked at me for saying ‘geezer’ the other day cos it’s ‘pom slang’

Toyo are pretty respected Japanese frame builders…
jus’ sayin’

‘fixies’ are mainly used to lock to posts or lean up against ralings so to me this makes perfect sense, a more elegant solution than a kryptonite lock.

bollocks to that guvnor!

This ^^^

and raw materials. Steel frames (especially lugged) costs a whole lot more than Alu or even Carbon frames. It’s also much more labour intensive. Takes time to build, costs a lot more = higher price than most people realize.

fwiw … Kick stands are cool

Yeah This link looks like th one. Pretty lazy geo, but the craftsmanship looks nice. looks like a good paltform for a S/S townie maybe?
Not my idea of a sharp looking tarck bike though.

naff is fairly pants these days