Centurion with Tang Infinity tubes

Just picked up a hard rubbish find of a Centurion with Tang Infinity tubes.

Is a tang inifinity frame any good,
The frame is straight approx 55cm top tube and 54 seat to post, its got a full Exage group just missing front wheel , seat and a few other bits.

The bike looks just like this,
CENTURION Vintage Retro Road Bike Bicycle 12 Speed Racer | eBay

Tange Infinity was a nice tubeset, sort of like japan’s answer to 531 back in the day. I had a couple of bikes built from it in the 80’s, incl a centurion. Nice find if it’s in serviceable nick.

I briefly had a Centurion Sport DLX, which was the only model in Tange Infinity. Rode ok, too small for me though. I suspect the stays and fork were hi-ten though.

Thanks guys, well Ive started to dismantle the bike, however the seat post is very stuck? It looks like it may have some rust the tube whats the best way to get the seat post out?

Spray with WD40 or similar penetrant and let it soak in. One way to try is to turn the bike upside down, stand on the bottom of the seat and twist the frame.

Refer to the man