Ceres goes heavy metal?

This in the news this morning.

Damn, thats really rough. Such a good initiative (perhaps with the exception of the Bike Shed). I sure hope this doesn’t jeopodise their existence here in Melbourne. Bummer.

What a bummer. Those little lefties do great things. I hope they can sort it out and that it doesn’t threaten the long term viability of their operation.

Comes as absolutely no surprise. Any northsiders remember that big abandoned apartment block behind Barkley Square? Long story short, it was built on contaminated land and they had to scrap the project more than half way through. There was a detergent manufacturer on or near that site that was dumping all sorts of shit, and you can bet that most of the area bordered by Brunswick rd, Sydney rd, Weston st and Lyon st has all sorts of shit in the ground.
There’s a fair bit of industrial land in Brunswick and I’m sure not every business owner gave a fuck about sustainability or the environment.

this makes me vaguely concerned about the cyclocross.

Which cyclocross race was held near there?

HSV. which, incidentally, was also built on an old tip.

Can’t plant shit in the back of our place because it’s contaminated…

There’s a lot of it about - there’s half a suburb in the west (Ardeer, around Suspension St) that was built on an old Dunlop battery factory. All sorts of weird shit was happening to folks over there in the 70’s & 80’s. What is now Cairnlea was an ICI explosives plant.
As a side note, the whole peninsular that is now Black Rock and Beaumaris was going to be turned into a giant tyre and battery plant in just after WW2 but “greenies” stopped it (oddly, it was also full of rich folks’ beach houses at the time…)

Maybe that’s why the mud stunk so bad. Better get a sample to the lab stat!

The Age is not letting the truth get in the way of a good story Fair Food is Safe Food | CERES Fair Food

i don’t live around there so have never noticed, but is that place full of squatters these days or what?
seems like it’s be a pretty plum location. (hey, you’re not gonna complain about a bit of a chemical smell if the rent’s free, right?). it was an industrial dry cleaning operation i believe

Hope it doesn’t impact them too much. Doesnt suprise me a whole lot though.

Vaguely remember the golf course being a mine, then landfill and not for habitation and hence becoming a golf course - Google is telling me that is all nations park and Northcote plaza. Hmmm. The old munitions dump in Maribyrnong is another example. lots of housing out west is on contaminated factory land.

the tullamarine toxic dump has poisoned a whole heap of land that was subsequently released for residential sale. there’s a few cancer clusters in the westmeadows and gladstone park area. its really fucked up.

The University of Melbourne Library - Map Collection

This is a pretty good guide to the way things were - who knew most of the western part of Port Melbourne was an airfield.

Apparently there are still tie downs dotted around the palce.