CETMA oversized bar brackets

I’m trying to track down the brackets for a CETMA rack that fit on an oversized (31.8) handlebar.

Anyone know where to find these parts? I’ve looked at Bunnings and Masters and a couple of little hardware stores. They are “conduit brackets” in the US, it seems we mostly use P style clamps for this sort of thing.

You are probably better off using U-Bolts. They are way sturdier although a little tricky to install. There are long ones that you can install and limit how far/much the face of the rack sits away from the bars eliminating a box or something from smashing your knuckles and having your brake and gear levers at a more reasonable angle.

Not a bad solution. thanks.

You probs already know, but you can order them directly from Cetma. $15 per set. Postage is pretty prompt.

edit- we shopped around for them, but they don’t exist in Australia so yeah, if you don’t wanna do the u-clamp alternative, hit up Cetma.

yes, I probs do know, see that link in the first post?

$15 each with Lane + $40 postage. I already asked him for a cheaper postage but he won’t come down.

Ah yep sorry didn’t see that. Yeah wow that’s really expensive. Thinking maybe he gave us a better deal coz we bought two racks.

Treadly Bike Shop in Adelaide have some spares in stock.

That’s fucking ridiculous. I just had a whole rack shipped from Seattle in a 12" x 12" box for $40…

you’re telling me. hopefully i can score a set with the group buy.

Check your PM’s, and my post earlier in the thread. Treadly have some in Adelaide.