chain bakin'

Well, it took us a while, but it looks like we’ve come of age!!

Debates on chain lube preferences, the role of WD40 etc take up significant band width or whatever on most cycling forums.

A little after the first birthday and we’re already there!!

Next progression may be to the right stuff for Brooks saddles?? chain tension vs bearing life??

Bring it on

Merry Xmas

PS … don’t overlook Boeshield!!

PPS … baking?? … how 'bout microwaving for the now generation??

Yes you can use a chain cleaner on a fixed, it might be a tight fit getting it around the chain on some frames.

I use shelite in my chain cleaner, it works a treat.

Asked twice already, so here goes again


oven make chain hot

…and in the manner of CraigC (thanks for that Craig)


hot chain make water gone

I’m just guessing but I’d say it makes the chain dry faster. Which would therefore remove all traces of nasty chain-lube dissolving degreaser.


ha ha ha…

THANK-YOU!!! :smiley:

(you cunts should try reading the posts)

Sounds like a rather extravagant way to dry a chain.

That’s why ndf is looking for a micro-wave in the ‘wanted’ page. His oven smells like fucking de-greaser.

You lot should try cleaning your chain naked, while sacrificing a live chicken and dancing around with a cucumber up ya arse. I’ve tried it but i think i got one of the steps wrong, because my chain still isn’t clean.

A quick saut? in hot oil and sprinkle of fresh chilli is quite good too.

hahahah! maybe it would work better if you had some nudes polishing your cranks?

Yeah, it’s a seatpost, not a cucumber, preferably a two-bolt 27.2. Your method is for making tainted tzatziki.

Also, microwaves and metal?? Why not just boil (well, above 100?C would be enough) it in oil/wax, that’ll remove all H2O, and the decreased viscosity will help it penetrate into the rollers.

(Yes, you beat me to it Blakey…)

Microwave + metal = sparks, explosion, fire, burning, death

You have no sense of adventure :cry:

Really? I speak from experience Mr C. (minus the death bit obviously.)

Ever tried CDs?

Or grapes, cut in half, with a tiny bit of the skin joining the halves?

When Nath get his second hand workshop microwave, I can see that there are many evenings of fun to be had. :wink:

Finally…the real blakey emerges…