Chain Breaker for 3/32?

My new bike has a 3/32 driveline. Installing my nice new Kool Chain Super Light tonight, I busted my chain breaker.

Now i know that a) cheap tools are not cheap for long, and b) a good quality chain deserves a good quality chain breaker.

Anybody particularly happy with the one they use? Should I just get a Park Tools CT-3, the ‘Sidchrome’ of bike tools?

Buy once…buy right :wink:

If only, I could afford to do that all the time. My chain breaker is a piece of shite, but my Shimano lock ring/chain whip is a piece of art!

I have the folding Park tool, works a treat both on the road and in the workshop.

My favourite tool are the Hozan lockring pliers. No skinned knuckles with this one.

Two thumbs up for the Park CT-5 ‘Mini Brute’. Mine’s a little ripper.