chain device question for single ring cx setup

seeking advice and opinions on what everyone uses chain device/guide wise for single chainring setups?

in a ss or 1 x 8,9,10 setup?

ss i run a bbg bashguard as an outer ring with nothing on the inside.

1 x 9

I’m using a Paul Chainkeeper on a 1x10.

I’ve used the paul and the mrp xc guides (on xc bikes, not cx), the paul is a lot better at not rubbing at either end of the gear range. The MRP rubbed at both inner and outer unless you put a longer bolt and shim at the rear join of the cage (and I think tomacropod will back me on that?). I’m sure there is heaps of stuff out there, but if you can get a Paul, I can’t see any downside to it. Very easy to set up, easy to set up, easy to clean, chain doesnt come off.

Or use a front derailleur limited off as a ghetto solution.


Dremel off the rear third of the cage for ease of use.

I used a BBG bashguard on the outside and a cheapo deda dog fang on the inside.

bash ring on the outside, “Jumpstop” (<$20 a Abbotsford Cycles) on the inside.