Chain or Chainring???

Hi all,

Just putting together my first single speed conversion. I am having trouble with the drivetrain though. I have used old road cranks and have put on a spare chainring that i have from my track bike. The problem is that the road chain will not grab/ is to big or small for the chain ring!

Do i just need to get a new chain for it to work? or to i have to get a 3/32 (i think thats the size) chainrng??

Any help would be great.


Either or. Just get a 1 1/8 chain, that way you wont have to worry when you get a 1 1/8 cog.

Probably cheaper to get a 1/8" inch chain, $15-20 for a trusty KMC chain at your LBS.

Like they said above. It’s also explained on Sheldon Brown’s site: (look for “Drive Train”)

You’ll find lots of other useful stuff there too (in case you haven’t already read it). It was all gold for when I did my recent conversion.

never a frown with sheldon brown

thanks guys

all sorted out, just got a new chain and all runs smoothly now!


Coolio, now your next post will be in “Post your ride” right?

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