Chain ring bolt tension

Tried a search with no luck so here goes…

Does anyone torque their chainring bolts? If so what too? I suspect it wont need much.
Also do you/would you use locktite on them?

I’ve recently replaced my front chain ring and have found the bolts loosen up quite easily, and yes I’m doing them up tight with the correct tools (I’ve been a mechanic for more than a few years)
Or are there any ‘good’ chain ring bolts on the market to buy?


I’ve snapped a few alloy ones over tightening them (this is after unscrewing / screwing them a few times). I’ve heard the steel ones are the best. Never used loctite, but I’ve considered it. I just dab a bit of grease on the threads before screwing them together.

What I like about my Sugino 75’s is that the bolt screws into the crank. No dicking around with tools.

I’ve never had any problems with chainring bolts, cheap through to DA. I’ll always check them after the first ride ride though. I don’t bother to use a torque wrench - I just use a long (~20cm) allen key with firm pressure. I’m sure you know, but for others reading, make sure the threads are clean and greased. I don’t like using loctite in general.

One problem I’ve seen on some crank conversions is that the stack bolts don’t clamp down on the chainring and crank sufficiently - they bottom out ever so slightly and can then vibrate loose. This can happen with combinations like road double stack bolts and an extra thick track chainring, or using track stack bolts and a 3/32 chain ring.

Shimano advises 12Nm on DA road cranks, though I’ve seen 12-16Nm on others.

i too had this problem. i had my bike in at the lbs recently for another matter and they have loctite’d them for me. so far so good but it’s only been a few days.

hopefully noone comes out of the woodwork saying to never loctite chainring bolts or i’ll be slightly concerned…

if you hear of any other solutions i’d love to hear about them in case the loctite doesn’t work.



Cheers for the replies guys. I’ll try torquing them to 12nm and see how I go if that fails will re torque with loctite.
Don’t worry rolly they wouldn’t (fingers crossed) have used Loctite 277 on yours only 243 super nut lock hopefully.

I use loctite. Recommended by shop mechanic. Acetone gets it off (at least it has for me in the past) if undoing them is tough.

I’ve seen loose chainring bolts on a number of bikes. Blue loctite recommended. Proper knurled chainring bolts also recommended for easy ring changes and security. Steel > aluminium.

Running repairs in Jenner, California, not sure when it fell out:

thanks for the reassurance everyone

i just bought a pack of cable ties last night for something else. fingers crossed i don’t need to use them like that!!


Not really on the topic but I didn’t want to start a new thread for this.

I’ve got an intermittent clicking noise when pedalling that i can reproduce on both sides generally when I put a lot of weight on the pedals at low speed. Initially I thought it was the clips moving around on the pedal -no. Then made sure pedals were tight. I will check the chainring bolts today but I don’t think its that.

The only other things that I can think of seem unlikely (and bad). Bottom bracket moving in shell (relatively new soma frame with reall good threads when I installed it so don’t think its this) or cranks moving on the spindle (the noise is a very solid click part way through the pedal stroke and I don’t think that the cranks would create that sort of noise on the spindle if they were being rounded out because I torqued them up too high).

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

^ It could be any number of things, but the first thing I’d do is take off the cranks and tighten/check the BB.

Thanks, thats a job for this morning. Also have a basket to install on GF’s bike. Its a nice wicker one but its a heavy beast.

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I think I’ve had a very similar problem to this recently, so I gave the whole drivetrain area a look over, and it ended up being loose chainring bolts that were the cause. Try making sure they’re nice and tight. Solved the noise problem for me.

^Yep, chainringcrank bolts worked loose.


I’ve had alloy ones snap on me, which can in turn causes a chain-reaction on the other bolts resulting in bad memories.

I’ve got titanium chainring bolts apparently - they any better/worse than steel? They’d have to be lighter, but not sure bout strength really…

Stronger than aluminium alloy, and they’re probably galled to your chainrings / cranks if Ti-Prep wasn’t used.

interesting - I’ll have to check that, they were on the frame when I got it…