chain tensioners

Do you guys use tensioners?

I’m pretty new to fixed and have had conflicting advice. I’m slightly paranoid about chain tension and the idea of being able to make minor adjustments sounds good. Having said that I haven’t seen too many on fixies around town.



not many people seem to use them

Chain tensioners are probably more trouble than they are worth. You only need your chain to be tight enough that it doesn’t fall off. That is normally quite loose - so there’s not much need for fine adjustments. Anyone used one? Do they get in the way when removing a wheel?

I’d only wear one for aesthetic embellishment, or perhaps to add bottle opening functions to a bike :wink:

They work well. I wouldn’t call them fiddly, but necessary isn’t a word i’d use to describe them either. Catch my drift?

There’d be lots of people yanking your chain.

Me haz the Surly chain tensioners, good them work. But now i don’t use them because i have found that the chain doesn’t slip with out them.

I used to use some on the pinarello, they were bmx styles tensioners (yeah a bit fiddly to adjust), though they were all blue and matched the orange, so…

They did make it easy to finely adjust the wheel, though they started to annoy the shit out of me when changing wheels etc.

Perhaps they’re good if you belong to the movement of ``those who have their track wheels un-necessarily tight due to fear of throwing a chain" … :slight_smile:



I also used them until I figured out I didn’t need them. I have an unused pair of the stupidly expensive MKS ones if you’re interested.

theyre useful if your track ends are trashed to the point of being paper thin 2mm forward of where you want your axle to be :smiley:

Thanks for your words all. Looks like I’ll give tensioners a miss after all (thanks for the offer though Captain).
I think initially I wasn’t getting enough tension on my wheel nuts - I’d want to pull my wheel back after every commute. All the chat about binding and throwing chains spooked me into thinking my chain should be tighter than it is. Almost a year fixed now and it doesn’t play on my mind every ride like it used to.