Chain tool

Hi, can someone recommend a chain tool (the one to push out the pin without pain :roll:) that works with 1/8 chains and doesn’t cost a leg and an arm.
Had a look at the Park Tool CT-7 but that’s a pretty exy and not sure whether the cheaper ones work on all chains including 1/8.
Any input is much appreciated.


My cheaper chainbraker broke (icetoolz) from memory.

so i now go to maxes house and use his park tool one and its SICK had no issues, it probably gets used 3 to 4 times a month.i would say for out the extra dorah because parktools will last.

i just got one of these from my LBS and i have to say if your gona buy tools spend a bit more and get some thing good cause breaking your chain breaker or threading your cranks when you wana go riding is a bitch…

this cost me $45 and its one tuff Mutherfucker

when in doubt go park tools all the way!!!

Thanks for the info! Can you just let me know what exact model that Bike Head one is. Can’t read the fine print on it. And it works with the 1/8 chains, right?


The bike hand one is actually called a PROLINE ADJUST. CHAIN BREAKER by the supplier.

It does do 1/8 and 3/32 with ease because of the adjustment screw at the bottom

We had one in the workshop and you just have to be careful with lining up the pins with the rod that pushes them out becuase they do bend quite easy but you can bend them back.

Ive got this one and its great value at under $20

Thanks for the info. Just ordered an Izumi chain from a BMX shop and he recommended one at a fair price. So got him to throw it in the box. Hope it works!