Chain Tugs... Yeah? Nah?

So, I’ve done a search which came up with nothing… If I’ve missed something please link me up and close this thread…
Getting sick of slippage issues with my rear wheel - got caught again on the commute this morning and needed to call for back-up as I couldn’t re-tighten the axle without it slipping forward in the drops.
How many of you run the tugs/lugs in the drop-outs? Are they worth it? Or should I replace my dropout inserts and wheel nuts and dremel them a bit in the hope that they bite a bit better?
Any suggestions/advice greatly appreciated.

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I’ve run tugs in the past. For no reason other than because i had them. They work, if that’s what you’re asking. I took em off because they were annoying if I go a flat.

What frame are you running, and what hubs/axles ?

Thanks for the reply.
Ah, yep - I didn’t think about the flat factor.
I’m riding a Look 464 with Mavic Ellipse… Lately just seem to be experiencing the occasional slip and it’s shitting me no end when it happens.
I got a few spare dropout inserts when I got the frame, so not sure if they may be part of the issue or not?

Never had the wheel slip on my Look 464 dropouts. I do have different wheels but I’m also using mine for sprints on the track. To be honest the dropouts are pretty thick on them, not sure if you’d even find chain tugs to suit.

I picked up a pair of MKS tugs (designed for aluminium frames) for my 464. They’re functional after you file them out a little, as the dropouts are a little too thick for them.

Wheels changes are quite inconvenient, however.

Thanks for the advice, guys!
I’ll give all parts another decent clean to strip any potential crap on them off and go from there.
I knew there must have been a reason tugs weren’t a more common item… Now I know why!
Once again, thanks!

Have heard of this problem before with Ellipses, maybe try switching the bolts (are they knurled)? I have a female rear hub on my SSMTB and use one tug only on DS, no slip, no worries. I have a spare you can have if you want?

yeah like others a gave up on tugs for the reasons given. Are your your nuts worn? A decent of track nuts might help (the ones that allow the serrated washer to rotate relative to the nut). If you’re using the cheaper serrated flange nuts they can wear and lose their grip.

Nope - not knurled… Just running the bolts that came with the wheels…
If you wouldn’t mind, and won’t be needing it, that would be great, thanks! Hopefully it fits the 464 dropout.
I’ll shoot you a PM to get your details to flick you some dollar bills and give it a try…

Thanks, Captain, will also invest in a new set of track nuts… The ones I’m using are 3 years old, so it’s highly likely they are worn, too.

I’m using MKS tugs on my Soma steel frame and they work a treat. I also think that its fine if the tugs dont fit tightly on the drop out as long as they are still able to do their job. That said I really never flat (which I shouldnt say out load of course so forget what I just said).

Check that Mavic arent using a stupid proprietry threading or something.

Would not be surprising

Ellipses use 10mm axles F&R, unlike the usual 9mm front axle.
Threading is the standard track type.
On mine anyway.