Chain tugs

I have a question about chain tugs.

Normally they are designed for bikes with horizontal dropouts and a quite straight forward affairs. I would like some for my diagonal dropout frame.

Does anyone know if such things exist? I’m fairly confident I could make something given the tools and enough time but buying is far easier.

I have no problems with having the chain tight enough, it’s more as a safety measure that I’m interested in them, to reduce the possibility that the chain could (theoretically) pull the wheel forward and out of the frame. I’m sure losing the back wheel would be spectacular, but it certainly isn’t my preferred riding technique.

I dont think such a thing exists. You can modify a BMX one though. I wouldnt be too concerned about pulling a wheel, i would think that your weight would hold the wheel in the dropout if it were to come free.

Maybe hassle Ben and find out what’s going on as a tug here - Fixed Gear Gallery :: Schwinn Paramount

… cool bar tape too!

That’s a Redline BMX one.

What you’re looking for is a tensioner that ‘cyclo’ used to make. They pop up on the 'bay every now and then.

a coupla (shitty) pics:

I know this is quite the resurrection for this thread, but anybody got any current info about where to pick any of these up? Ebay has been unhelpful thusfar.

Try Dan at Shifter, I bought some MKS tensioners from him a few years ago. I had them on my commuter and IMO they were a pain in the arse at puncture time, I sold them on.

i use a surly tug nut on my crosscheck w/ horizontal dropouts
i removed this thing

and let the tug nut bolt sit between the eyelets

you can get the surly ones just about anywhere too

I’d be buying a longer 15mm spanner before I got some chain tugs or tensioners.
Unless your arm and leg strength are way out of wack, you’re not going to pull your rear wheel forward enough for it to fall out.

Tightening the bolt isn’t the problem, it’s just keeping the wheel straight AND the chain tense. It’s a pain, but possible, to keep both things in check because something always moves slightly when tightening the bolts. Just thought to get something to make it easier