Chain/waist locks

Hi, I use to post on here ages ago and forgot my password.
Anyway, I’m building a new bike up and I’ve been looking at chain locks and was wondering if anyone here uses them/has one. I’m looking for one that will fit around my waist whilst riding…
I can only seem to find the W-Base ones online and I don’t have a decent bike shop around to have a look myself at some variety.

no evidence, but i have heard that crashing with a big chain around your waist is an excellent way to break you hips.

Bunnings sells a pretty heavy duty one. If you want to shorten it, you’ll need an angle grinder.

I use one of these for times when my bike is going to be left unattended for long periods.

Lately it has got some more use with the rise in bike theft around my area.
They are heavy (4kg) and awkward, suck to carry anywhere and yes I’m risking a broken hip if I fall on the thing. Does give me piece of mind though.

Chains are heavy, cumbersome and can be cut with bolt cutters. Krypto Mini D all the way.

So you wouldn’t recommend it for daily use? I’m looking at a chain because I’m more worried about some punk stealing my wheels.

Double D-lock!

I use one of these…
ABUS, Armoured cable, rated 8. Fits around your waist and haven’t lost a bike, or broken a hip, in the few years I’ve had it.

Abus armoured combo lock

Thanks heaps.

If you’re commuting, leave the lock in a safe place at your destination.

Abus Discus Chain. Bombproof. Fits around yr waist, or over your shoulder (my preference). Can lock around power poles (or frame and both wheels) - take that you smug Krypto mini-D users!

Abus Diskus Chain | Evans Cycles

I have been told by the Emergency dept. of St. Vincent’s Hospital that D Locks attached to the belt or hip do the exact same thing (break hips).

makes sense

I’d be surprised if my Krypto chain could be easily cut with bolt cutters.

As nozo said if you’re commuting to the same place everyday leave it locked up there. Lugging it with you everyday would be annoying.

Maybe not easily -you need big 'uns but it’s possible. The links actually explode when put under that much pressure due to them being overhardend.
Almax Security Chains Limited

Watch the vids. They cut a Kryto chain. Apparently the Almax ones cant be cut with bolt cutters due to their superior metallugy.

They cut ABUS chains too.

Plasma cutter. Liquid nitrgen. Pneumatic car jack. Angle grinder. Theives have their ways.

I guess at least the big chain looks intimidating and might be a good deterrent.

yeah and 99.9% of theives are mere opportunists.

As mentioned in another thread just lock your bike to a nicer bike with a worse lock.

I do that at work, a guy has a cecil walker (reynolds 853) with a full capag group and he locks it with a huffy cable lock!

Noone is gonna try steal my bike before his.

Yeah, i’m locking up at uni at Penriff! Using a krypton d-lock and a ‘master’ chain lock I usually use when I leave my compressor at work. From what I’ve noticed in many of the bikes around here use shit locks, locked to even shitter posts or poles that more often than not are easier to break or remove than the lock itself!