chain whipped

Hi Dennis,

Get with the times hipstas: fixing bikes was so ‘two thousand and late’. Pimpin toolz is where it’s at.

Check out my park tool fixed gear conversion, blinged out with gold and red 1/8" chain. Yeah dawg.

Drop forged steel
Park Tools panto
Nylock nuts
Sick blue grip

Complete with artsy perspective photo.


*takes deep breath and tell myself that ‘if we were all the same it’d be a very boring world’

you do no you posted this in “Post Your Ride”?
how do you ride that thing?

on second thoughts i dont realy want to know…

nice colour scheme (way)


Rad to the power of sick. Am going to rattle can my allen key set…

I don’t, but your girlfriend loves it. At least I took the stickers off.

Thanks for the props d00d. A bloke as awesome as you must make Chuck Norris look like a pussy.

That’s the least of your worries. If we were all the same, you’d be APPLES.

Did some one just come out of the closet?

Lol, this is a possible interpretation I did not foresee.

I couldnt resist :evil:

haha i think i like you!

haha well played well played…
you should consider a job on a current affair or today tonight :stuck_out_tongue:

I know I’m up for ridicule here but here goes. I have made a coupe these up compete with rattle can paint job izumi chain and specialized bar tape plenty of leverage for sick skiddzzzzzzzzzzzz

Cool, someone at track has ‘acquired’ mine, need to make another.