chainring bolt length

Has anyone ever seen chainring bolts that are a bit longer than usual, but not as long as those for double rings?

I keep stripping chainring bolts, on some old Miche cranks with thicker than usual spider tabs, and a thicker than usual chainring. As far as I can tell it’s a lack of thread contact that’s causing the stripping - I get them fairly tight and they just go ZING and spin around and around, going nowhere. When I eventually get them off again the first one or two threads are buggered and the rest haven’t been touched.

I got the bolts from Cheeky Transport, they’re no name ones but seemed ok. I think they’re plated steel, def not alloy. I’m using a decent tool to hold the back of them but that doesn’t help.

I’m tempted to completely swap ratios just to avoid the problem, but I think longer bolts would fix it. Anyone had the same problem?

Maybe try getting some double chainring bolts and use the female bolts from the SS set and the male bolts from the double set.

aha! good thinking. might just work.

where would I be without you lewis?

Yeah, I’ve destroyed a few SS chainring (male) bolts in the past. I’ve used double male bolts no problems. Easy.

worked a treat. no more scary squeaking noises either.