Chainring bolt thief

Noticed my housemate’s bike was missing 2 bolts last week, then today realised 2 of my own were missing today. What’s the chances of someone going around pinching a few chainring bolts here and there on the street to make a set. When you think about it you could pinch almost anything off a bike with a 5mm and 6 mm alan key and a shifter. White Rolls saddles beware- i’m on the hunt!

They’re not worth very much… unless you have special NJS Sugino ones or something. You’d think that if you had the right alan key you’d take something good like that Selle Italia saddle, or the whole stem and handlebar. God what a great idea!

I had some rattle loose once, caught em just before they completely rattled out…dodgy half arsed tightening effort by me. Could be what happened to you?

Otherwise pretty dodge if someone is nicking chainring bolts…

They fell out.

I’m glad I’ve got a front brake, it’s harder to steal the bar and stem that way.


I recall one of NDF’s falling out in Bris just before the start of a ride, luckily the guy behind brought it to our attention.

Spend the small amount of cash and buy the Shimano tool to tighten them properly, use blue locktite if you have some too.

Somebody stole the headset cap of my mountain bike once.
That was all they took. It was so worthless the LBS gave me a new one free of charge.

Someone stole 2 ball bearings from the left side of my front hub once and then put it all back together and left. Weird. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did they at least give it a clean and re-grease while they where at it?

Yeah I think so.

Not the same thing but while we’re on the topic of random acts of unkindness I left my helmet chained to my bike outside work and some passing c?nt spat his/her chewy in it. Minty fresh, but I had to cut it out of my hair.

Chainring bolts work themselves loose on fixed gear bikes double quick cos they are subjected to forces in both directions. Mine got loose enough to cause the chainring to go crooked and my chain to derail, lucky I wore the brown undies that day.

I came out to the street one afternoon after work, unlocked, got on, rode off and woop woop woop the saddle’s loose, someone had had a go at undoing the bolt that holds it onto the stem.

First I thought it was someone I knew (little thunder, in one of his more jovial moods, perhaps?) just fvcking around but then I figured, maybe it was because people were keeping an eye on it and the saddle sniffer got bored or spooked or whatever that it didn’t get nicked. I think I lost a few brain cells trying to work out which was the more likely scenario, shrugged, screwed it back in and rode home.

“And when the doctor said I didn’t have worms, that was the happiest day of my life.”
“Thankyou, Ralph. Very graphic.”

Did the OP specify if his housemate was a fixed gear tragic or is that a given around here D:

Something is wrong here…

The same person keeps putting glass in my rear tire. They also let my tire’s down but only a few psi a day they went down ten psi in a week.

The Dirty Bastard

i sometimes park my bike outside a shop on flinders lane when i visit a friend and garenteed someone will knock it over, over and over and not pick it up, pisses me off,

said it before, people are cunts

i know, i know, why keep parking there you may ask, i dont know,

but i am pretty thick.


Something is wrong here…

hahahaha :smiley:

I always get busted at work on, usually after Craig C posts some picture with a cat in it and I randomly burst out laughing at my PC.

Something is wrong here…
Are you beeing a terminology nazi? okay google fight: seat post 7.88million beats seat stem 3.88million fine :oops:

maybe he meant if someone was trying to steal your seat it would be a hell of a lot easier/quicker to take the seat and the post, rather then fiddle around with a seat adjustment bolt.