Chainring bolt tool

Has anyone in Brisbane got a chainring bolt tool that I can use? The one that holds the back nut while you tighten the bolt.

I have a Shimano one but the middle pin is too “fat” and won’t fit inside the bolt end.

They are Stronglight bolts if that makes any difference. Will shout anyone that helps me a beer!

File it down until it does fit.

Yeah, am sitting here filing as we (e)speak.

use a 5c, 10c or 20c piece. Never gone wrong for me…

I use a flat blade screwdriver… or a knife… or a 5c piece… I didn’t know there was a special tool for this !?

Yeah that doesn’t work if the bolt sits flush with the back.

Indeed. I believe the Shimano peg spanner has the annoying notch in the centre which tends to get in the way. I’ve seen other brands that don’t have it.

All your solutions work better than the actual tool to be honest

Or use Sram/Truvativ bolts. They use a 6mm allen key for the back.

Do they sell aftermarket for a single chainring though not sure, but they are lot easier than those knuckle destroying notched backing bolts. I like to fit a t-handle bondhus 5m in a vice to avoid slipping and destroying my skin the 6m goes to the front from memory though.