Chainring bolts for Pista


Have a C. Record 165mm (144BCD) crank but it came withouth the 5x chainring bolts and crank bolts.

Not sure if the double chainring Campag bolts (a few are on ebay) will be ok for a single chainring. Does anyone know? And, will this ( be ok for the crank bolt?

Thanks for any help, peeps. :slight_smile:

Are you in Melbourne? Abbotsford Cycles have chainring bolts for single speed/fixed.

Standard double campag chainring bolts will be a smidge too long. If you can live with chainring bolts that don’t have “brev campagnolo” stamped in them, +1 for abbotsford cycles.

Ok, thanks for the info. I was almost about to buy a set of double bolts via ebay. Saved me some more wasted cash. :slight_smile: