Chainring compatibility.

I need some new chainrings for my roadie, and found some Stronglight Dural ones that will fit my Shimano 600 cranks and in the tooth count I want. The problem is I’m running 7 speed and the description says they’re 8/9/10 speed compatible. Can I still run these chainrings…?

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is yes, it’s just the teeth on your chainrings will be cut a little bit thinner, which won’t be a problem. If you were going the other way you might have chain width vs tooth thickness issues. You’ll be maintaining the chain ring spacing so you should be OK. I have done something similar with 8sp drivetrain, S600 cranks and the 9/10sp Stronglight chainrings that Horatio never collected.

Awesome. New chain rings and chain here I come!

A bit like running a 1/8th track chain on a 3/32 drive chain fixed, except you probably won’t notice any noise.