Check out the ring on this bad boy!

Dig the halflink chain as well.


It’s mean… but black would be meaner :wink:

I want to build a chain out of half-links, as the BMS freestyle guys use them alot. Any thoughts? Dumb or Cool?

I wanted one too. Then I saw a few more of them on bikes and I have to say that I think they’re ugly.

They look like some kind of prehistoric armoured centipede.

Maybe I’m just not ready for halflink chains yet.

You’ve seen the Shadow Conspiracy BMX chains? They stretch a lot, but they’ll never break.

And y’all await me rockin a 25t Animal billet ring…

stretch and fuck up my rings and sprocket? no thanks. I can’t imagine a fixed gear rider who doesn’t grind or stall on their sprocket to require such a thing. $20 KMC chains = teh win.

  • Joel