Challenge accepted - beards vs cars

i reckon more people here have beards than cars*

so vote, it’s pretty simple.

you have to OWN your car though, not just have a licence.

if we all ask nicely mckenny may do up a sweet graph at the end to show the results :slight_smile:

*may or may not actually believe this, but i’m curious now.

I have. Neither a beard or a car…
Can’t grow a beard and don’t have a license…
Do have student pilots license though.

is there supposed to be an actual poll on this, or just write in our response?

there is now, stupid fuckin post fuckin blah

kinda have a short beard, do not own car nor have licence.

there’s point enough.

i have a mo and no car i think that counts

I don’t have a beard.

Apparently I suck at life, maybe that is the root cause for my large number of bicycles…

I put down both even though my beard is temporarily gone for this stupid month that will remain nameless.

love ya work rolly =D


Got both, finally not suckin’ at life :stuck_out_tongue:
It is a hyundai excel though

WTF, i’m losing?!?!?! i didn’t factor in the lady contingent!! surely there’s some bearded ladies on here who don’t drive?? i’m not asking that much am i? :stuck_out_tongue:

if you started the poll yesterday then i would have voted differently, but i had a shave this morning.

plenty of time rolly, plenty of time

edit- nice one kate


No, you’re not being exclusionary. Just think it through …

Let’s have a thread about who shaves their downstairs section.

shaves or waxes?

I thought this poll was going to be asking which topic do people hate being discussed on FOA the most. I musta been projecting or something?