Challenge Paris-Roubaix Open Tubular?

Considering these for my roadie, want to heave-ho the hatorskins on it. Any good? Solid enough in the casing for a heavier person (read Fat C**t)?

I’ve got a couple thousand k’s on a pair. I had a few flats in my first couple hundred k’s, so now run them with a tyre liner and don’t have any hassles at all. I just had gators on my bike for a few weeks, swapped the PRs back on the weekend and it’s like chalk and cheese. So comfy, fast rolling etc, even with the liners.

Also have a think about Schwalbe Ultremo ZX. They’re going on my bike as soon as I wear thru the PRs, did a lot of research and it sounds like they’re pretty fucken good. And can get them for $40 each on wiggle. Also, Blakey endorsed.

TBH one of the main reasons I’m looking at them is the skinwalls, sadly not available in Schwalbe. But also the big volume etc. I looked at the Vittoria Open Corsas but would like something a wee bit bigger than 23s.

Yeh, the skinwall is nice.
Challenge also has the Strada Bianca, which is slightly wider again and has double the puncture protection of the PR.

Also, have you considered Grand Bois? Exxy, but everyone swears by them.

No issues with the liners ‘dulling’ the ride quality? Not trolling honest question… :slight_smile:

Grand Bois in 700x26 / 28 / 30 will rock your world.

Probably a little bit. But compared with gators or anything else with a fixed/embedded liner, they’re the ducks nuts. The liner is actually really light and flexible, and would be able to bend etc between the tyre and tube. So yeh, I’ll take a slight amount of dullness for puncture protection.

Dubrat has some gran bois that don’t fit in his frame
He may want to off load

Dubrat is keen to swap GB 28mm for something of similar quality in 25mm

I’ve got some 25mm zaffiros I’d be happy to swap. I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a fair and equitable trade.

My biggest mistake with the Challenge tyres was running far too much pressure for my bodyweight. I reduced the tyre pressure to 50psi or so and the incessant flats stopped and ride quality improved.

Very sticky and roll fast, but super susceptible to debris and cut up real quick. I had to turf one after 1500 k’s as it developed a scary looking bulge in the paper thin sidewall. Another user has replaced a few too. I’ve gone back to Conti gp4000s.

Which Ultremo was it?
I am considering getting the Ultremo ZX HD 700x28 which I think is a little more heavy duty than the straight ‘zx’ and the superlight ‘zlx’

Schwalbe don’t make it easy do they.

edit: also interested to hear about other 28-35mm slicks…

I’ve got the 28mm zx, no issues yet with cuts, flats, excessive wear.

I believe the gp4k is coming out/is out in a 28.

As evidenced above, YMMV.

ZX in 23. Cant fit 28’s on the Caad10. User “” creaky" rolls the dd but is on his fifth or so and had a bulger like me.

In 28’s i roll durano not the puncture guard ones though. Based on their performance and durability i tried the ultremo. Not as robust from my experience. Ymmv. Challenges look like they might be worth a trial

Anyone with some challenges (or 28-30 grand bois) want to bust their verniers out and give me a rough width and height above rim?

I can when I get home…

Mine are on 25mm wide HED Belgium’s so will be different height tho…

That’s cool, I’d want to fudge a few mm either way in any case, thanks man!

I can measure both of those later on, but pretty sure I already have let me get you a link…