Champ Grips - how squishy??

I’m riding offroad fixed with moustache bars and the bar tape isn’t cutting it for hand padding.

looking at either two sets of MTB grips or whether the 4mm Champ Kierin grips would give enough cushioning.

Anyone got experience with these to tell me b4i buy? I need enough length to go from barend through the curve of the bars where I have my hands for DH, they look about right for that.

Any other ideas?

Bar tape and MTB grips generally feel the same to me in terms of comfort. Afew other things you can try might be:

  1. Double wrap with bar tape
  2. Use grips known for comfort (eg. Ourys)
  3. Use gloves with good padding or gel inserts
  4. Learn to absorb bumps with your whole body rather than just at the arms


in my experience 4mm champs are pretty comfy but absolutely not in the same league as ourys for shock absorption. they are superb for the road though and i guess theyre tops on the track.

And I’d vote for ODI lock-ons for an extremely sure grip. No shifting on the bars.

will mtb grips fit moustache bars?

what about the old mtb suspension stems, there is a quill version.

Champs aren’t squishy…but I like 'em. I rode the 100 down to the coast with you on pink 4mm champs…no problem…and use 2mm on the track. One thing I have found is that no matter how wet they get…sweat or rain…your hands don’t slip
Cheers GrahamE

Yes they will. If they can fit on the tops of drop bars, they will fit moustache bars.

I’ve used a suspension stem before … found that there was too much play in the shock. It was kinda irritating coz you’d pull up on the bars and there would be like a delayed response. No good imho.


Thanks guys, a bit to go on here, based on JP and Pink i think they may not cut it for some of the long fireroad stuff I’m looking to do. many hours of corugations and bumps drain the strength from you hands.

Either MTB grip up in the bend and tape on the sides or 2x MTB/BMX grips will be my next try.