Changing axles

I bought a pair of second hand Velocity Aeroheads and it seems that the front wheel axle is larger than other front wheels I have before.
This one seems to be 8mm and previous wheels have been maybe 6mm?
This is a problem because the dropouts on my two track frames are too small to fit the axle.
I’d prefer to not make the dropoits larger but just swap a smaller axle in.
Is this an easy thing to do?
Should I get an axle from Velocity?


Don’t file the drop outs - but you can file the threads down on the axle, that usually works.


That’s the best picture I could find on a quick browse. It gives you an idea. You probably don’t need to file that deep, indeed I wouldn’t want to remove more than just the thread. You also don’t need to file down the entire length of thread, just where it slots it. You may have file both sides - if so make sure they line up on both ends of the axle.

Edit: you definately don’t need to file that deep!

Old track frames were built for 5/16" front axles and 3/8" rear axles. That equates to just under 8mm and about 9.5mm respectively. Modern stuff is usually 9mm front and 10mm rear.

I would firstly shave any paint from the dropout slots with a razor as they may have already been filed. SanEsteban has good advice but keep in mind it only needs a tiny bit of filing on the axles. If they weren’t such significant frames I’d just file the dropout slots just down a touch. If it’s the Diamant I’d try to keep it original.

^ thanks to both of you
remembering that the Diamant has new tange chrome straight forks
like these but with the eyelets

so filing them would be cool but then that axle wouldn’t fit my other track bike which I don’t want to file the dropouts on.
Going to take .5mm of each side of the axle today…

thanks again

filing worked a treat