Chappelli Build

Bought this bike for $300 brand new - then just customized it by buying more parts. Not the BEST quality frame but happy with what it turned out to be.

Nitto Stem
Nitto Bull Bars
MKS pedals
B43 Rear Wheel
Aerospoke Front
Chappelli frame

Will be upgrading a lot more to it. Will invest in a better frame and saddle! =)

What it WAS


What a hipster.

Chappelli is the Brand of the bike as i bought it. I bought it from Le Coq Sportif store on discount as i worked in Glue store in sydney (Retail clothing store) Seeeing that i thought it looked like shit with not so good parts, i decided to strip most of the bike down and customize it with my own bought parts. You can looked up Chappelli Cycles on google.

it’s pretty good, I liked running those wheels when I had them.

Is your brake set up on the rim surface properly?

Just what I was thinking.

I was aware with that, my fork is quite shit with that, as that is the only brake i can use as mentioned by one of the people from sable and argent. Unless there is something i can do to make that better. BUT with saying that, i don’t even use the brake at all lol. Any help with the brakes though? Would be much appreciated =D

I thought Nitto RB021 bars are a 26.0mm clamp, and the Nitto stems are 25.4mm?

And yeah, your brake looks like it’s running way too far down.

EDIT: undo the Allen key nuts holding the brake pads. Slide the pads up so they touch the braking surface of the rim. Tightened nuts. Fixed!

take it to another bike shop re brakes. or buy a set of allen keys and you can fix it yourself.

loosen the brake pads. Move them to the righ position, tighten. there is plenty of adjustment on that caliper.

Just loosen the brake pads and move them about a cm? Then you wont get that black marking all around your spok.

edit: whoops didn’t see your post HLC

cheers!! - thanks for the help guys, that’s why i join these forums! =P lol. anyways appreciate it!


fuck. i really don’t know what to say*

(*i do, i’m just not going to…)

please do - i’d like to hear feedback (bad or good). Don’t care what it is to be honest. it is a forum right? lol

wait for it

it’s more a case of wher to begin really!

Well you can start by saying something? lol PLEASE?! i know it’s something negative

Well, all I’ll say is the front~centre measurement on that bike must be friggin’ enormous. No toe OL on that size frame!!

Measure the wheelbase (exact centre front wheel to back wheel) the the front~centre (exact centre front wheel to exact centre crank axle). I’m curious.

And yeah, whatever The Jams might be about to say…

“no toe OL on frame” ? explain more lol. Would you say it’s more the frame, OR how it is actually set up? i am also curious and was waiting for something like this to make it better. cheers rusty!