Chappelli Build



Yeah good comment bro! Nobody asked for your 2 cents you dry bastard. I just asked for some feedback to make my bike better either buying a new frame. I ain’t offended, but I would jz like some decent replies

I have a 52cm Focale44 frame and fork sitting brand new in my lounge room. As a public service to everyone that has to from this point look at your bicycle, please buy it off me for $200. All your parts will swap over perfectly.

I am in Sydney. I will deliver this frame to you if you stop riding this thing.


It may not be everyone’s cup of tea mate, but at the end of the day, if you’re happy with riding it (and copping the shit that may come with it), then ride the shit out of it.

It’s your bike after all.

Ps- the $$ spent on the aerospoke could have been better spent in my opinion.

Haha dude, I bought this frame knowing it wasn’t great. But from hearing all these posts, seems even worse lol. Thanks for the tip. Show me some pics if you can. I’d be interested to buy it off ya. PM your number or email.

But I bought the aerospoke for $180? How can you turn that down? Lol

Chapelli bike: $300
B43: $150+
Aerospoke: $180
Bars and Stem: $100+

Reading the feedback on this forum: priceless

If u like it ride it!!!


Click this:

They retail around double that, if not more, not sure on the exact model as my one runs a threaded steerer (includes an all black headset). not sure what material it is made from either.

It is a bloody good price. It is a nice frame. It keeps guilting me into believing that i actually want to put parts on it but I can’t afford to at the moment. Please take it from me before I spend too much money (again).

PM me and we can sort this out.

at least nobody will steal it… Just that front wheel:)


Some bikes are worth more than they’re collective parts…this isn’t one of them. And please for the love of aerospokes and jean stained saddles adjust that brake caliper.

Bloody hell, some fixie (or should i say fixed gear bike :rolleyes:) riders are a bunch of elitest fags.

Looks alright to me, but then i would buy that focole frame

lol fixed the brake caliper :wink: . JUST so everyone knows!! I bought this bike not knowing much about fixed gears! then as i brought it to a shop they didn’t like it either and told me to go fixed as it was on free. from then on i just bought parts and modded it more to this piece of shit FRAME. and now i thrash this bike by skidding and doing tricks lol. it does the job! but obviously getting some better cranks, frame and saddle will do my parts justice.

Hey dude forget the shit you get here its just a bike ride it.

What youll find is that people like to build classic bikes and are off the b43 aerospoke look of the early 2000’s but hey if thats what you like go for it .
this sport takes all sorts thats what gives us diversity.
Bikes are transport and fun if this meets your criteria you are winning.

how the hell do you skid on fixed gear bikes?


watch lots of star warzz movies and use the force :stuck_out_tongue:

I still want to know how those bars fit in that stem.

I skid with one leg over the bars one locked back with out retention in thongs and stubbies with a wife beater singa on screeming queenslander down caxton st.