Charge Freestyler

I just picked this up a week back

I have had a road bike for a while, but i’m still pretty raw to riding fixed :roll:
What can i say, everything except the pedals and toeclips came with the bike straight off the shelf.
Ohh, and it rides like a dream!
(comments welcome)

i like the charge bikes, looks nice

Where’s the heart, where’s the soul in buying a complete fixed gear from a bike shop? Personally i think it’s much more rewarding to pull together pieces from all over and build your own. But all that aside, it does look quite nice =D
Hope you enjoy the wonders of riding fixed (i’m sure you will)

I actually plan on changing some of the components over time, but i was really eager to start riding fixed and thats pretty much why i decided to buy a complete bike.
I’m purchasing a thompson elite seat post and stem asap, but i’m undecided whether i should keep the risers or put some drops on it.
Any ideas?

Base the choice of bars on the style of riding you are going to be doing. Charge aim their fixies at the street market hence the setup you have. However the frame is versatile and will change to suit your riding style. If you are just a cruiser and want to hit the streets and trick it up then the risers are a good option. If you are commuting a fair distance than might want to consider something with more hand positions and lower. My opinion of course.

Ive been looking for a charge freestyler…
whered ya get it?
And how much, if u dont mined me asking.

I got it from iride (271, king Street)
And i picked it up for $1200 :slight_smile:

you gota start somewhere, doin’ stuff to a ‘off the shelf’ is a good way to develop a fine healthy bike building addiction… good luck

Cyclic Bicycles in flemington stocks the full range of Charges
Evan (aka ‘the mad hippie’ on these forums) is a great guy and supporter of the forums. Can’t recommend him highly enough